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Best Laptops Fit for Students

Here at College Laptop Reviews we bring you the best advice on which laptop to buy. We generally don't believe in trying to recommend the latest and greatest, because in most cases this is not required. In addition when new models come out they are at a premium. That's not to say we may not recommend a new higher end model, but we don't review for the sake of it. We are selective on any items we present on the site. We try and review the items best suited, or maybe not best suited but believe you may be considering and want an un-biased view of their pros and cons.

Our founder and parent figure, Jules, has 3 teenage daughters (yikes!) so apart from sitting on the porch with his shotgun he knows the pain of 'gadget creep'. And he was sick of all the latest and greatest sites that were obviously just trying to push out as much new product as they can. So he had the idea to start a review site that gives parents and students the info they need, without the hype​

All we want to do is arm you with the most affordable option that will suit your needs.

Any advice you need, feel free to Contact Us!

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