Back-To-School Laptops

Back-To-School Laptops

School break is over and it’s time to go back to school. It’s time to change beach and swimming wear for classroom and books.

With school days comes schoolwork which means you will need to use a computer or laptop. For a student, having a laptop will make academic life easier. Writing papers will be easier, doing research will be faster, and communicating will be hassle-free.

For all student and college students in particular, a laptop is an important and even essential device to have. From presentations, research papers, theses and research down to simple photo editing and videography, a laptop can do it all.

Not to mention, it is a must-have device, aside from Android gadgets or iPhones, for accessing email accounts and other social media platforms.

But for a typical college student planning to buy a laptop in preparation for school days, the question would be: what laptop is the best to buy for college students?

What Laptop to Buy for College

If you search the internet you will be faced with quite a large number of laptops with different models, shapes, colors and brands. It should be noted, however, that not all laptops are good for school or academic use. There are those that function well for a specific purpose such as gaming laptops.

For a typical freshman student starting in college, what laptop should you buy? There are some things to consider first before going on the search.

The purpose or the common use of the laptop, the school environment, the size of the files to be exchanged and stored and the personal preferences of the students are just some of the few point to consider in choosing a laptop.

Here are some of the main things to consider when looking for the best college laptop:

What are your needs?

First, one has to choose between getting a Windows PC or a Mac. This decision boils down to personal preference.

Macs are known for their quality build but the school might require the use of some software that is not compatible with a Mac, so the school’s programs and recommendations should be taken into consideration.

A Windows PC gives a larger choice of apps.

Second, consider the portability of the laptop. If you need to use a laptop in school and need to be able to bring it anywhere, it is better to pick a lightweight laptop. Portability has to be balanced with battery life and processing power.

The size of the screen also makes a difference and will depend on the purpose of the laptop. For college students, a longer battery life is better because it does away with the need to charge the device frequently.

Third, consider your hobbies and interests. If you enjoy watching movies, a high-capacity storage device is needed. One should also consider using an external storage device to make up for the lack of the laptop’s storage space.

If one intends to install games, a laptop with discrete graphics, a high-resolution screen, a speedy SSD, big RAM and a fast processor are the things to look for.

Consider your budget

Most of the college students have tight budgets so purchase cost is important. If money is not an issue, a Mac can fit the bill.

However, when the budget is a big consideration, there are more affordable laptop brands that offer good quality and high performance.

To get the most out of the purchase price, it is highly recommended that different brands with their specifications be compared against each other.

Always ask for a back-up

Since looking at the laptop will not show all of its potential defects and software and hardware problems, it is very important that the purchase should be backed up with warranties and guarantees that will cover you for hidden manufacture defects and allow unit replacements.

Service plans are equally important because laptops are highly technical devices that need the expertise of experienced technicians.

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